Episode 43 – All Hallows Eve

Episode 43: All Hallows Eve

Hello! A little late but I have a surprise in my new segment, The Masquerade.  Thank you for listening!

Crafty News

Chelsea’s Shawl – not as done as I wanted
Joker Bear is in the works
Monster Slippers by Knits for Life
Pin Up Girl from Killerbeess 
Equilter Star Wars prints

Musings & Meanderings

Rest of Your Life Planning:   http://www.theroyl.com/
Friend Movement:  http://friendmovement.com/  921 Miles 921 Lives  921 Ribbons
Holiday Mail for Heroes, deadline is December 3rd; Card Guidelines 


Charity Pins “Gold Heart Pins” for 2013 are Yoda and Darth Vader, raises money for disabled and disadvantaged kids.  Partnered with LucasFilms
San Jose Tech Museum thru February – Star Wars Exhibit 
SWTOR Cantina Tour – San francisco 11/13 
Star Trek Tricorder Set for COSPLAY

The music in this video was “Halloween” by Steve Goodie.  Please support his awesome creativity by visiting his site and checking him out!

If you’d like to email me, please use meowzette@meowzettes.com.  Talk to you soon!

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