Episode 42: The Noisy One

Here is the re-uploaded, and smaller file!  I appreciate your patience!

Hallooo!   Welcome back to the chaos.  Apologies for the background noise, there’s drilling going on outside the Lounge today, but I think you can hear alright.  🙂  My internet is working again – thank you for bearing with me!

Crafty News 

Chemo Cap update – #2 The Gerri Hat (free download from Marly Bird)
Next hat: Chemo Cloche from Red Heart (with Lumio yarn)
Baby Gnome Set by Judie Washburne is done!
Mother Bear #3 this year, Robin the Boy Wonder Bear

Hat Couture by Theressa Silver
Woodland Knits by Tiny Owl Knits
Santa Bottle Topper by Connie Hester
Laura Riker  – Owl in One baby onesie

The Masquerade (Ging’s new segment – all about costuming and cosplay!)

Star Wars Celebration 2015 – the madness begins, 18 months to the con and counting…
Cospod Episode 45 – duct tape dummy – for anyone who needs to see a “dummy” in the making.
Storming Australia for the Monash Children’s Hospital  https://www.facebook.com/StormingAustralia?directed_target_id=0

Thank you so much for listening to me babble about life in the High Desert and my (mis)adventures!

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