Episode 41 – The Devil Went Down To…

Disneyland!  Yep, our first vacation in 11 years but this was a belated gift to my husband (and it was worth the wait), so we lay siege to Disney first and then we moved on to LEGOLAND.  The episode is clearly divided into crafting and then the vacation so those who want to bug out before the vacation details can still watch all the crafty goodness.  Enjoy!  And thank you for watching.  🙂

Crafty News

The Riddler Bear – #2 for my current Mother Bear Project push
Daphne Beanie for Halos of Hope – Rumble in the Stash
Gerri Hat by Marly Bird
Crocodile Stitch Baby Booties
Mini Skein Cup Holder (I finished two!)
Baby Gnome Set by Judie Washburne
Mermaid Tail by Angie Hartley
Onesie-squid by Knitterbees (and I made an oopsie, it wasn’t a Frankenstein, it was a Dracula pattern I bought)
Chelsea’s Shawl (the Fiber Hooligan podcast about it is here)



A relatively short but sweet episode.  Have a great week!



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