Another rambling podcast – just a day in the “enchanted” life of Ging!  Welcome to Smokin’!  Where we are coughing and choking on smoke from the Rim Fire – many “Thank you’s” to the Firemen on the line working so hard to contain it.  🙂

Thank you for joining me Listeners!  Grab your martini and let’s get rockin!

Crafty News:

Cephalohedron is finished!
Radiance Shawl by Knitwhits started with Freia’s Electric Peacock yarn
Mother Bear Project – The Batman cometh…
NeverNotKnitting shawl – Botanical Knits #2
Alan Dart – September Simply Knitting – Horrid Hulk pattern
Alan Dart’s October pattern – Unicorn & gnome photo is out on the Ravelry Forums!
Alan Dart’s- Spooky Spider pattern on sale at his website
Gnome Acres – halloween mini skeins

Possible baby gifts: Newborn Cocoon Mermaid Pattern / Little Yoda Hat & Bunting Pattern
“Aspie Sean” podcasts, discusses life with Aspergers.
 Knitterbees patterns!  Check out the mermaid!
Lauren Riker’s Owl in One

Ginger breaks downs in tears while discussing the “Rumble in the Stash” throwdown

Glozell eats a cherry!  Hysterical video interlude…

Foodie Follies:
Hatch Chili madness
Best of the West Rib Eating Contest – 13.7lbs, 12 minutes, Joey Chestnut does it again!
Ice Cream Bread: 1 pint & 1.5 cups gluten free flour & 2 tsp baking powder
Irreverant Foodie Site: Thug Kitchen, Eat Like you Give a F…

Musings & Meanderings:

HHD Band Practice [Doris Sinofsky 1949 grad: Her video on Vimeo

Thank you for listening!




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