Episode 28: Waist Watchers

Survived the holidays?  I was gifted with the creeping crud – let the babbling ensue…
PX90 Exercise Program
Christmas giftie tale of woe (Star Wars The Old Republic Collector’s Edition game)  I babble about this until timemarker #20:25  –  just fast forward if its too painful to listen to.
Underworld – Awakening trailer 
Geek Love Reality Show on TLC
Twist Collective Winter 2011 – Theano Cowl by Marnie MacLean
Tallits are heading my way for serging over the New Year’s Holidays – woo hoo!
Alan Dart has two awesome patterns out – Simply Knitting Issue 88 has a wizard (think Gandalf or Dumbledore) and Issue 89 has pair of swans with crowns!
Amy Berman from Mother Bear – thank you for more photos!
Costuming – fleece liner for Mongolian Coat is complete.  Might do a vodcast in the future to show off costumes as they get finished. Let me know if that interests you!
DIY Fluffies – Yoki the Fat Dragon Pattern
Folkmanis Hand Puppet – Earth Dragon
Drunky Bears 
Baking Obsession Blog my new favorite foodie website
Star wars cake group
Suzilla, The Mouth That Roars 
­­­­You Are What You Hate – A Spiritually Productive Approach to Enemies by Sarah Yehudit Schneider – hopefully this book and subsequent class will help me with stress!
Resolution by Steve Goodie of the Fump downloaded from MusicAlley.com but also available at thefump.com

Happy New Year everyone, stay  safe out there…  if you get bored and need a buddy for your Waist Watcher plan – email me, we’ll commisurate!  meowzette@meowzettes.com


  1. Vendredi
    Feb 5, 2012

    Great podcast! I always enjoy your ramblings! Thanks for all the hard work it must take to produce such a good show and to keep us all entertained.

    from Ravelry

  2. Meowzette
    Feb 7, 2012

    Thank you! It’s always encouraging to know my ramblings are as entertaining to other people as they are to me. LOL!

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