One who wanders from the way of good sense will rest in the assembly of the dead. Proverbs 21:16


Honey bees don’t always return to the correct hive; eager to unload their gathered treasures, honey bees will occasionally get off track, and land at the doorstep of the wrong colony.  Beekeepers call this “drifting”.

If the colony is in need of resources, the little bee, laden with food might be accepted, or she might find herself fending off attacking guard bees.  Although drifting can increase the population of a small colony, it can also adversely affect a colony’s health.  You’ve heard the story of the Trojan Horse?  This bee might be carrying varroa mites, or the spores of AFB (American Foulbrood).  Her drifting into the wrong hive, your hive, might result in her death, and/or the death of your precious bees.

I drift too; I drift away mentally when a presentation is boring (I fell asleep twice in a workshop last week!); I drift away emotionally when my anger toward someone has matured into bitterness; and I drift away from those truths that guide my spiritual health.  I think it’s safe to say we all drift, for one reason or another, into awkward, difficult or unhealthy situations.

Beekeepers can mitigate drifting by staggering the entrance direction of their hives (N,S,E,W).  Although not perfect, the foragers will more than likely return to their correct hive based on the direction they flew out in the morning.  In a similar fashion, I need to set my spiritual direction before leaving the house each day.  The only way I know to do that successfully is “face-booking”, that’s right, getting my face into God’s book.  In the scriptures I find my direction – I orient myself correctly for the day’s journey.

Take a step back before you step out of the house, get your bearings. Set your course off the position of The Morning Star, then you can navigate your journey more soundly.

Bee in the Word!

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