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During a recent archaeology dig through my stash box I discovered two skeins of vibrant purple sari silk.   An unexpected “Surprise!” staring up at me from the bottom of the yarn bin – Sometimes mentalpause has its benefits!  I had completely forgotten that while sashaying through Stitches West 2015 I employed a little retail therapy. (Okay, I’ll be honest, my husband was 250 miles away, I was in fiber nirvana and I was armed with two credit cards. No yarn that purple was going to escape me.)

What I have fallen in love with more is the story behind this yarn.  The founder of DGY, Nicole, is an Air Force Veteran, but more than just supporting a veteran, Nicole is helping at-risk populations in India and Nepal, and also right here in the USA.

Nicole’s business model of reclaiming manufacturing waste (silk) and empowering women and the disabled with employment is inspiring to say the least.  With each stitch I think of the journey my yarn has come:  unwanted and destined for a trash pile but then re-purposed for  something beautiful.   In the lows of my life have I not felt the same, useless, unloved and cast aside, but then joyfully remade in the Master’s hands to do good works – and adorned in purple sari silk no less!

Buy yarn.  Bee beautiful.





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