I have set my rainbow in the clouds, and it will be the sign of the covenant between me and the earth.   Gen 9:13

Recently, we enjoyed a rare few days of stormy weather here in the high desert.   An inch in one day is a spectacular event when you consider that Reno’s annual rain average is about 7″!  Although I love to hear the rain beat on the roof and gurgle down the drainpipes, I look forward to the rainbows most of all.  The vivid colors, the childish hope there *is* a pot of gold hidden somewhere just tickles my imagination to no end.

Of the thousands of photos my husband has taken, the one above is a favorite.  Hidden in the dark of the hive an array of color; a rainbow of colored pollen that my wee honey bees have diligently foraged for, carried, and stored for future use.  Perhaps pollen can be considered the byproduct of rainbows; a powdery treasure produced by rain kissed flowers to propagate yet more flowers.

Last weekend (during that same storm) I participated in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure.  I arrived in Reno early to visit all the vendors and enjoy the festivities of the event.  I hadn’t had my coffee yet, so I ducked into a local coffeehouse for a cup o’joe.  I found the barista in a foul temperament, so much so, that as I stood there I wondered if I even wanted his coffee  Seriously, his dark cloud of doom descended upon me and I began to seethe myself “I don’t need this today.  His mood is ruining my freakin’ latte!  What’s the point of drinking it?!”  I harumpfed selfishly for only a few moments longer –  My day was not going to be spoiled by Emo-Barista.  More than that, I owed it to myself, as much as the women whose names were written in memoriam on the back of my shirt to not let something this ridiculous bring me down.

In 1980 Nancy Brinker’s fateful promise to her dying sister Susan turned a tragedy into a worldwide organization dedicated to eradicating breast cancer, and providing hope and support to those who suffer from this dreadful disease.  In the darkness of grief, something beautiful came to light, and every pledge, and every participant at a Komen function is a byproduct of that promise.

There will always be cranky baristas, tragedies, and other “storms” of life.  Choose to respond with grace, mercy and kindness; persevere and fulfill your promises, hold onto the ones we in turn have been promised.  Keep your eyes on the skies!

Bee-loved, chase rainbows!


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