test-image-500…I will put breath into you, and you will come to life.  Eze 37:6

When I first started beekeeping, there were some general don’ts.  One cautionary tidbit was “Don’t eat bananas before you work the hive.”  Weird?  Not entirely.  The odor of bananas is very similar to the honey bee’s alarm pheromone.  Going in stinking of trouble is likely to guarantee you find it.  Fortunately, I never found it to be true.  Forgetful and/or hungry, I have eaten bananas and the girls remained blissfully unaware of my fruity faux pas.  What I have found true 100% of the time, is my bees respond quite energetically when breathed upon.

Some times when I’m struggling to pull out a heavy frame, I inadvertently hold my breath.  Once it’s finally extricated from the super I exhale in relief (and for want of oxygen!) and the bees go wild; or sometimes I just need to move them out of the way, so I blow gently, and again, they move around the frame buzzing at me.  It makes me smile.  Didn’t they see me there, standing over them watching their comings and goings? I wasn’t hiding – I look like first cousin to the Stay Puft Mashmallow man for goodness sake!

Similarly, I too go about my life mostly comatose in the monotony of routine, oblivious to the loving presence always there, always watching over me.  On those days I am overwhelmed with stress, or melancholy, I just need a reminder of the strength and mercy that’s truly right above me.  Singer, Marty Goetz, wrote a beautiful song years ago that I keep in my playlist.  When I’m struggling and need help moving on life’s journey, Marty’s reminder comes through loud and clear, Breathe on Me.

Bee at peace.


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